Short-Term Roadmap for OpenAlgo (Jul – Sep 2024) (2024)

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At OpenAlgo, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the trading experience by providing a powerful, multi-broker trading terminal that supports both manual and automated orders. Our short-term roadmap, spanning the next three months, is packed with exciting features and enhancements designed to empower traders, especially fast scalpers and short-term traders, with cutting-edge tools and robust security measures. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the horizon for OpenAlgo.

Short-Term Roadmap for OpenAlgo (Jul – Sep 2024) (2)

Primary Goals

Our primary focus areas for this roadmap are:

  • Multi-Broker Trading Terminal: Transform OpenAlgo into a comprehensive platform capable of placing both manual and automated orders across multiple brokers.
  • Advanced Trading Controls: Develop a range of trading controls to facilitate efficient manual trading.
  • Scalper and Short-Term Trader Tools: Equip traders with specialized tools designed for rapid and precise trading.
  • Enhanced Security: Implement rigorous data sanitization protocols to ensure the highest levels of security.

Key Highlights of the Roadmap

1. ChartInk Integration

ChartInk is a powerful charting tool that provides advanced technical analysis features. By integrating ChartInk, OpenAlgo will offer traders enhanced charting capabilities, allowing for better market analysis and informed decision-making.

2. Websockets (Frontend and Backend) and Historical Data API

Real-time data streaming is crucial for active traders. We will implement Websockets for both frontend and backend, ensuring seamless real-time data flow. Additionally, the Historical Data API will provide comprehensive access to historical market data, enabling traders to backtest strategies and analyze market trends.

3. TradingView Integration and Option Chain

TradingView is renowned for its sophisticated charting tools and community-driven insights. Integrating TradingView into OpenAlgo will elevate our charting and trading functionalities. Furthermore, the Option Chain feature will offer detailed insights into options trading, helping traders make well-informed decisions.

4. Flask RESTX (Validation and Data Sanitization)

To ensure secure and efficient API development, we will utilize Flask RESTX, focusing on validation and data sanitization. This will enhance the security and reliability of our platform, safeguarding user data and ensuring smooth operations.

5. Order Slicing (PlaceOrder, PlaceSmart) and Freeze Quantity

Order slicing is essential for executing large orders without significantly impacting the market. We will introduce PlaceOrder and PlaceSmart features for precise order management. The Freeze Quantity functionality will allow traders to lock specific quantities, providing greater control over their trades.

6. WatchList, Level 2 Bid x Ask Data, and DOM Level Trading Controls

The WatchList feature will enable traders to monitor their preferred stocks easily. Level 2 Bid x Ask Data will provide deeper insights into market depth, while DOM (Depth of Market) Level Trading Controls will offer advanced trading capabilities, catering to the needs of professional traders.

7. Button-Based Order Management (Squareoff, Modify, Cancel)

Efficiency in order management is crucial for active traders. We will introduce button-based functionalities for squaring off, modifying, and canceling orders, streamlining the trading process and saving valuable time.

8. Keyboard-Based Trading

For traders who prefer using keyboard shortcuts, we will develop a range of keyboard-based trading operations, enhancing the speed and efficiency of trading activities.

9. Voice-Based Trading

Innovative voice-activated trading features will be implemented using advanced technologies such as Groq (Large V3), OpenAI (Large V2), and Deepgram. This will enable traders to execute trades and access market information through voice commands, adding a new level of convenience and accessibility.

10. Multi-User Login Capabilities

To accommodate various traders, we will enable multi-user login capabilities, allowing multiple users to access the platform simultaneously. This feature will enhance accessibility and usability, making OpenAlgo a more versatile trading terminal.

The upcoming months promise to be transformative for OpenAlgo as we roll out these exciting features and enhancements. Our focus on multi-broker support, advanced trading controls, specialized tools for scalpers and short-term traders, and robust security measures will ensure that OpenAlgo remains at the forefront of trading technology. We are committed to providing our users with a powerful, secure, and efficient trading platform that meets their evolving needs. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and enhance the OpenAlgo experience!


Short-Term Roadmap for OpenAlgo (Jul – Sep 2024) (2024)
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