Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Are Married! (2024)

Soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris have scored the goal of a lifetime!

Harris, 34, and Krieger, 35, officially exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony with family friends at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida, on Saturday, PEOPLE can exclusively confirm. Singer Kina Grannis performed as the couple walked down the aisle.

Ahead of the wedding, Krieger told PEOPLE the couple fell in love with the venue right away.

“It was this kind of Mediterranean castle-like vibe right on the water, this European-type vibe that we were going for,” she explained. “Right when we walked in we were like, ‘Oh my God. We love this and everyone else was going to love this and this is just … This is it.’ ”

Added Harris, “I think the biggest thing for Ali and I was creating an environment where it was a very classic and clean and modern and just really sharp and almost in a magical way that’s kind of what our vision was from the very beginning. So right off the bat, we excluded anything rustic, anything barn door, anything that had that kind of aesthetic. And I think that for me personally, the venue was the most important thing.”

Krieger said she took the helm on planning the festivities, with help from Sara Lowell of Sara Renee Events and the couple’s agency, Wasserman.

The couple also used the Knot to help get organized for the big day, and provide a registry for their guests.

For their “I dos,” Krieger wore a gown by Pronovias — also the designer for the mothers of the brides’ dresses and the bridesmaids’ dresses — and Harris wore a custom suit by Thom Browne with a TAG Heuer watch. The pair exchanged rings by Great Heights, who Krieger told PEOPLE “share the same vision and support surrounding equality and LGBTQ marriage rights.”

Ahead of the wedding, Harris said that she was excited for the bigger impact of their marriage, explaining, “This will be the first time in our relationship where all of our friends, all of our family are going to come together to be one and to celebrate us on a completely different level. I think so much of our support from our family and friends have been through soccer and this is just so much more meaningful, in my opinion, to be celebrated for love and acceptance and inclusion, that’s so major in the world we live in now.”

“So I’m so excited to have this type of platform to have this type of visibility to be seen as a gay couple and it be accepted and it be important,” she added.

Their ceremony comes nine months after the two exclusively revealed their engagement to PEOPLE in March 2019. In the interview, the couple — who started dating when they met playing for the U.S. National Team in 2010 and now play for the Orlando Pride — reflected on their initial attraction to each other.

“We became really close friends, and we just hung out, we clicked, and we had so much in common,” Harris told PEOPLE of when the two first met. “We always sat next to each other on the bus and on flights, and we kind of just talked about our dreams and our hopes and what we wanted to do one day when we grew up. Because at the time, we were kids.”

But the two held back from confirming their relationship to keep an “element of professionalism” while on the field together, and over fears of how their peers and fans would react.

“You’re always fearful of that — you never know how people are going to react, and you might lose fans, or lose respect,” Harris said.

“You never know where people lie on the political scale, so it was definitely risky,” she continued. “But in the end, we had such a great outpouring of just love and acceptance, and were so grateful for how we’re continuing to progress and move forward in society, and being accepted for being authentically who we are.”

Soccer Stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger Are ‘Just So Happy’ After Engagement Announcement

Harris and Krieger helped the U.S. women’s national soccer team win the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, giving America its fourth championship in the tournament. And now the two have a pair of rings to go with their new trophy.

Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Are Married! (1)

“I just feel so happy. When I’m training, and I’m in games, and challenges or things aren’t going my way, I literally am so happy to go home to the family I’m creating,” Harris told PEOPLE of the engagement in March.

“It just makes life so enjoyable, and waking up every day for a new adventure with my little family, and it’s like the best feeling in the world.”

Krieger and Harris won’t be able to honeymoon until after the 2020 Olympics, they told PEOPLE, but are hoping to go somewhere tropical.

“We’re going to plan to go on our dream honeymoon, which is hopefully going to be in the Maldives or Bora Bora on one of those little
huts on the water. So that’s kind of what we envision,” Krieger said.

Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Are Married! (2024)
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