Who is Ashlyn Harris? What to know about Florida soccer star, her relationship with Sophia Bush (2024)

For those invested in the world of women's soccer, you might be aware of the alleged drama brewing on social media.

It was revealed earlier this month that former United States women's national soccer teamplayersAshlyn HarrisandAli Kriegerwere divorcing after nearly four years of marriage.

For fans of the athlete power couple, it was already hard to process. Now, a new development has given both supporters and pop culture enthusiasts whiplash; Harris has now been spotted out with "One Tree Hill" actress Sophia Bush.

Followers of the Satellite Beach, Florida, native have flooded social media sites, commenting on Harris' relationship status and the timeline for when she met Bush. For those not quite sure what this means, we've got you covered. Here's what to know.

Harris, Krieger separate:Former USWNT stars Harris, Krieger divorcing after four years of marriage, per reports

Who is Ashlyn Harris?

Who is Ashlyn Harris? What to know about Florida soccer star, her relationship with Sophia Bush (2)

Ashlyn Michelle Harris is asoccerplayer who shot to the worldwide stage when she earned a spot on the USWomen's National Teamin 2013. The soccer star is also a member of the championship–winning team from the2015 FIFA Women's World Cupin Canada and at the2019 FIFA Women's World Cupin France.

The Florida native has played for several college and professional teams throughout a 13-year career, including theSaint Louis Athletica,Washington Freedom,Washington Spirit,Orlando Pride andGotham FCof theNational Women's Soccer League.

How did Ashlyn and Ali meet?

Who is Ashlyn Harris? What to know about Florida soccer star, her relationship with Sophia Bush (3)

USA Today reported that the two-time Cup champions met at a USWNT camp back in 2010. They previously told PEOPLE magazine that they instantly "clicked" and became “really close friends," previously keeping their relationship hidden from the public.

The two continued to play on the same teams, along with other soccer stars like Megan Rapinoe.

When did they get married?

After unveiling their relationship, they wed in a Miami ceremony back in December 2019. USWNT teammate Sydney Leroux served as the officiant.

Harris and Krieger had since adopted two children together: daughter Sloane, who is 2 years old, and son Ocean, who is 14 months.

When did Ashlyn Harris retire?

Harrisannounced her retirementin 2022. USA Today noted that the goalkeeper earned 25 caps and played 10 years in the NWSL, spending the last several years as Krieger's teammate with the Orlando Pride and with Gotham.

Her ex Krieger later announced that prior to the season thatshe would also retireat the conclusion of the 2023 NWSL campaign. The defender's standout career saw her earn 108 caps with the USWNT, winning two World Cups and playing in three (2011, 2015, 2019).

Did Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger separate?

Yes, the couple has separated. Harris filed for divorce from Krieger, according to court records from the Seminole County Clerk's website.

The records from Florida show that Harris filed for divorce on September 19.

Why did Ashlyn and Ali split?

Neither Harris nor Krieger have publicly addressed the split. According toPage Six, Harris stated in court documents that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

It also notes that the split appears to be fairly amicable one, with the documents claiming that the estranged couple “anticipate” entering a settlement that will “resolve all financial issues.”

They also intend to sign a parenting plan, which will resolve all child custody-related issues. It additionally entails that they each attend a parenting class.

Who is Sophia Bush? What is her connection to women's soccer?

Who is Ashlyn Harris? What to know about Florida soccer star, her relationship with Sophia Bush (5)

Sophia Bush is an actress most known for her roles as Brooke Davis in "One Tree Hill" and Erin Lindsay in "Chicago P.D." She also makes headlines for her philanthropy work and social activism.

Currently, she's a co-host on the"Drama Queens"podcast along with her former"One Tree Hill"co-stars,Hilarie Burton MorganandBethany Joy Lenz.

And turns out, she's a huge soccer fan. She's an investor in a women's soccer club in Los Angeles, Angel City FM. Founders of the club include actress Natalie Portman, Reddit Founder and husband of Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian, entrepreneur Julie Uhrman and venture capitalist Kara Nortman.

How did Harris and Bush meet?

It's not known when the pair officially met for the first time. It was revealed that Bush was openly supportive of the pair's relationship, commenting on their social media posts.

The Daily Mail reported that the pair became flirty during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity back in June when the pair appeared on a panel together.

Since this was way before any news of separation for either couple, many fans have separated that Harris and Bush were seeing each other much earlier.

USA Today also wrote that it was notable when Krieger, in the midst of a divorce,postedphotos of herself on Instagram with the caption: “Preparing for playoffs while in my Beyoncé Lemonade era."

For those not in the Beyhive, the album "Lemonade" is famously about the singer's response to husband Jay-Z's infidelity.

Is Sophia Bush married?

Not anymore. Like Harris, Bush filed for divorce from Grant Hughes in August 2023 after one year of marriage.

Are Ashlyn Harris and Sophia Bush dating?

As of Oct. 23, neither Harris nor Bush have spoken out about the rumors of their alleged relationship. However, the two have been spotted on various dinner dates over the past month

The pair were seen hanging out as they watched Rapinoe play her last regular season home game on Friday, October 6 in Seattle, Washington. A video went viral of the two talking with Rapinoe before the game.

What is social media saying about Harris and Bush?

Social media users have condemned Harris for her relationship with Bush, comparing her to other scorned celebrities. Bush has remained unscathed for the most part.

Who is Ashlyn Harris? What to know about Florida soccer star, her relationship with Sophia Bush (2024)
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