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Our goal is to establish that the Brule River and Forest, including the Brule River that it protects, is a unique and much-treasured sanctuary which, although it will be managed by several use categories, must still be considered as an integral whole. The ecology of the Brule Forest should be restored for the biodiversity of species in that area. This Forest, which has unique and previously unrecognized ecological features, rare historical significance, and a fragile trout stream, needs special protection.

MISSION STATEMENTTo encourage passive management of the Brule River State Forest for the

  • protection of the watershed,
  • restoration of the original pre-settlement tree cover,
  • improvement of the biodiversity of all plant and animal species.

To promote public dialogue and involvement in the developement of the new Master Plan for the Brule River State Forest.To encourage more research and study of the biotic elements in the Brule River State Forest.

To promote more public education on the history and unique characteristics of the Brule River State Forest.